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​”Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world”. Nelson Mandela

Smart Cookie Academy’s mission is to prepare children for the world. We strive to help each child to become self reliant and productive.  We want each child to succeed in learning the alphabet, sounds, numbers, shapes and learning to write.

Mrs. Jessi will guide each student to embrace a challenge and find joy in learning and achievement.

A love of language, reading, and books starts early, and Smart Cookie Academy wants to help your preschooler learn to love reading! If school is fun and children love coming to a fun atmosphere everyday they will enjoy learning and have a strong foundation for entering into the world.

Your smart cookie will learn to recognize and name all 26 uppercase letters and lowercase letters. They will recognize their own first name and be able to print it, along with other letters and meaningful words. Your Preschooler will also develop a connection between letters and sounds and know some of the sounds that letters make.

Your smart cookie will learn or continue to learn the names of many colors,  shapes, and body parts.  They will learn to recognize and identify the numbers 1-30 and correctly count 10 or more objects. They will also learn to count backwards from 20-1.

Developing important social skills is necessary before starting kindergarten; preschoolers will learn how to share and cooperate, to work together and take turns, to participate in group activities and follow simple directions, and to communicate wants and needs.

Above all, Smart Cookie Academy wants to make sure your preschooler makes friends and has fun learning!


Each day your smart cookies will come to class and enjoy fun activities to help them learn and grow.
 We start each day with a worksheet waiting for them as they sit down at our round table.  Students will be greeted and directed to go inside, hang up coats and backpacks. They will go to out round table  where I will have worksheets ready for them. Each worksheet will help develop writing skills along with reinforcing our other spotlights of the week. After worksheets are completed, we have a lesson and a story about the concepts we are learning for the week.

After Story time, we transition to centers. Centers will be made up of puzzles, play dough, fine motor skills, discovery tables, manipulative play, art etc. Students will spend equal amounts of time at each center and rotate to experience each activity.

During Center time, each student will take turns having one on one time with Mrs. Jessi to go over the alphabet and reading.
When each student has had a chance to play at each center and have one on one time, Students will attend rug time.  Rug time includes welcome, calendar, weather, and introduction of number, letter color and shape. We also have singing, the Pledge of Allegiance and information sharing time. On Thursdays we will have show and tell.

Then we will transition into the craft of the day. After crafts, we will have science, PE, social studies or math. Free time and dramatic play. Students will then be ready to go home and share there fun experiences at school that day!


Creative Curriculum

A popular teaching approach among a variety of private preschools and Head Start programs, it was developed in the late 1980s by an academic (who later formed the company Teaching Strategies) and is based on current information on how children develop and learn. Emphasis is placed on 4 developmental areas; social/emotional, cognitive, physical and language.  We observe children’s interactions with their learning environment to assess skills, interests and abilities and come up with activities or learning experiences  that encourage social, emotional and new skill development.

“children learn best when they are actively involved with materials and with others. That’s why our resources for preschool programs place so much emphasis on setting up the proper learning environment and building positive, meaningful relationships with children and their families.”